Our Wish List

Aside from financial assistance, below is a list of items that are also most welcome! :)

  • Puppy food pellets and tins. Montego and Royal Canin puppy is our preferred brand for Quarantine pups. We use all other brands too.
  • Milk O Pup puppy milk
  • Soft toys and treats for our puppies
  • Chew toys and treats
  • Real meat, chicken necks, liver, rice, etc. We cook for our pups daily
  • Interior and exterior wall paint – always needed!
  • Office stationery eg: scissors, pens, tippex, etc
  • Cleaning products for office, kitchen etc. Bleach, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, Handy Andy, Domestos, dustbin bags, used shopping bags, newspaper.
  • F10 cleaning solution  (can be bought from most vets or Milmac)
  • 3ml syringe
  • Cotton wool
  • Trees, plants and greenery, pavers, cobbles for the garden and around the kennels
  • Weld mesh fencing
  • Hosepipes
  • Spray bottles
  • Brooms, mops and buckets
  • Building sand, plaster sand, bricks, cement, concrete mix etc.
  • Grass
  • Cages for clinic
  • Tooth cleaning kit for clinic estimated to be R20 000 (this is becoming a necessity as we have many dogs with terrible teeth issues.)
  • Second hand x-ray machine estimated to be R80 000 ( a nice to have but not a great necessity at this time – we currently go to another vet if needed.)

Ark Animal Centre Pretty Please Donation Request list

See our Help Out page to find other ways to give back 

PBO Number: 930053318


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