We often need help with excess and young (bottle feeder) pups.


The requirements for becoming a foster:

  • Able to spend 100% of your time with the young puppies (they require constant feeding and attention) – Best suits stay at home or work from home people or teachers on school break.
  • Must be able to take more than one puppy (this is vital for the development of the puppy, at such a young age , they require a k9 relationship to learn appropriate dog behavior and socialization)
  • Must be able to supply the following (to remain at your location)
    1. A plastic pen for the puppies to stay in (+-R300)
    2. Newspaper or paper towels for cleaning

Ark will provide :

  • Food/ formula
  • Bottles

Please contact us to find out if we are in need of fosters, peak puppy season is between September and February.


Adults can be fostered out on a “foster to adopt” arrangement, this is done when a person is interested in an adult dog but is not sure how well it will adapt to their family and household . We allow a 2-3 week foster period , where all parties can confirm if the dog is the best fit for their family .

This process can not be done with puppies.

Please contact us for further details

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