People surrender dogs and pups for many reasons and we do not judge.

If you have a pup or dog that you would like to surrender , please note our process:

Surrender of dogs/ pups

1.You will have to contact the shelter directly via phone or email and will be requested to send a good quality photo of the pup or dog, as well as the breed and age.

We give priority to pregnant dogs, previous Ark dogs , puppies and small breed dogs

2. Next the shelter manager will confirm if there is space , if there is space it can only be confirmed for a short period , if the pup or dog is not dropped off by a specified time then the slot will be opened up to other dogs (its only fair)
3. You arrive at the shelter , you will be asked to fill in a surrender form(Even for a found or rescued dog/pup).
Removal of neglected dogs/ pups
For information around removing a dog that is neglected please contact the SPCA as they are the only authority on the matter


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