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Location: 17 Howard Avenue, Millgate/Chartwell, Gauteng (See here for directions)

Contact us:

Adoptions and general info:

Fundraising and events:

Our blog:

Phone: 087 742 2211

Please be patient when phoning, we have limited resources and don’t have someone manning the phone all day. If you are unsuccessful getting hold of us on the phone,  please send us an email. No calls will be taken on the days we are closed.

Opening Hours:

Monday: 10am – 3:00pm

Tuesdays: Closed

Wednesday: 10am – 3:00pm

Thursdays: Closed

Friday: 10am – 3:00pm

Saturday: 10am – 3:00pm – Community Volunteers welcome

Sunday: 10am – 3:00pm- Community Volunteers welcome

Volunteering starts at 10:00 ends at 14:00 , no later comers will be accepted into the program but volunteers can leave before 14:00 if they notified the volunteer co-ordinator , but no volunteers may stay later then 14:00.

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