Ark Animal Centre Logo - Final SMALL copyWho we are:

Ark Animal Centre is the leading rehabilitation and re-homing animal shelter in South Africa, and is the only shelter that specifically caters for pregnant mom dogs and puppies. We are renowned for having a happy, loving and social environment with a  great sense of community. Our puppies are also always happy and willing to greet everyone with a wagging tail and sloppy kisses.

We have a no suffer policy for animals in our care. Based in Fourways, JHB, we specialise in the rehabilitation and re-homing of puppies, pregnant mom’s and small breed dogs from all types of backgrounds. We take in puppies from all over Gauteng and we home puppies country wide. We homed 100 dogs in our first 100 days – a first in welfare.

Our shelter facilities are built for small breed dogs and puppies. We do not take in any adult dogs, only puppies under 3 months old and pregnant moms.

To see our current puppies that are available for adoption on our Facebook page.

If you need help re-homing an adult dog because the other shelters are full please post a picture along with your contact details, animal name and description on our Facebook wall and we will network him/her to try re-home :)

What makes us different:

  • We are a passionate, innovative and creative team.
  • We are forward thinking in all aspects of welfare.
  • We go above and beyond for any animal that needs our help.
  • We believe fully in team work and often join forces with other shelters to benefit South Africa’s abused and abandoned animals.
  • We help ourselves before asking others for help.
  • We are positive, energetic and friendly.
  • Our founder sold her home in order to buy a new property for our rescue animals.
  • We give as much as we take.
  • When people adopt an animal from Ark they are forever part of the “Ark Family”

History of the shelter:

Ark Animal Centre is one of Johannesburg’s leading rehabilitation and re-homing animal shelters specialising in puppies and pregnant dogs. Ark was formed in July 2011 and in their first hundred days, they homed 100 puppies – a first in welfare.

With a team of passionate, innovative and creative individuals behind Ark, the centre has grown tremendously in the last few years. In their first month they received over 10,000 emails, Ark’s Facebook page exploded and hit 2000 likes in 10 months (organic growth) and to date they have homed thousands of puppies to approved homes around South Africa.

They are a non-profit, no-suffer centre that was formed by Tracy Otto, her two daughters and their intense love for dogs. The success of Ark has been due to the hard, endless work, and helping hands from all over SA as well as the all-important team work aspect of working with other welfares and foster-families.

They are based in the Chartwell area of Johannesburg, but have people all over the country who support their cause.

Thanks to Tracy’s friendly, easygoing and fun loving attitude, Ark is very popular with volunteers and community service students who arrive to help over weekends and during the school holidays. Ark also provides holiday programs for children as well as adults who want to learn more about dogs and their wellbeing.

Ark cares for their animals physically and emotionally in a caring, loving, non-institutionalised environment. Ark’s premises are lovely. With the puppies having their own kennels fenced off inside beautiful grassy areas with trees and lots of toys to keep them entertained. It is a puppy paradise! No more square concrete boxes that make you cry. People leave Ark feeling happy and always come back to visit or volunteer.

Ark’s main focus is education and awareness. Their aim is to create awareness and adjust the public’s perception of their responsibilities to animals. “If education, legislation and welfare unite, we can alter the future of all animals in South Africa.” said Tracy.

All Ark puppies are homed to approved, well suited homes and sterilisation is mandatory. An adoption fee is charged for each puppy which includes, sterilisation, the first 2 inoculations and de-worming. Ark does not make any money off the adoption fee and previous medical and food costs are not charged for.

As a non-profit organisation, their survivability is dependent on the support of the public as well as the donations they recieve, eg: puppy food, blankets, treats, 3ml syringes etc.

If you would like to adopt, volunteer or support Ark Animal Centre, please see details below:
How you can help:

Volunteers and community students are welcome to visit the shelter. Our puppies love nothing better than a good cuddle and walk.

See here for more details on volunteering
Our biggest expense at the moment is food and vet bills. We do not have a food sponsor. The cost of running our shelter every month is sitting on about R120 000 per month. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Should you wish to contribute financially please see our banking details below:

Ark Animal Centre

FNB Cheque Account: 62335841301

Branch: Broadacres Code: 204809


See here for more ways to give back
We can be found on the following social media platforms:

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 PBO Number: 930053318
Our favourite quote:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Please consider applying or adding us to your MySchool/MyPlanet card. It doesn’t cost you a cent, but is a major help to our centre! :) Ask your friends and family to sign up as well – the more the merrier!! 

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Support Ark each time you shop! It’s free and easy to apply for. Link your current Woolworths card, or apply for a MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet card.

Have a look at what we did in 2012…

Watch our video of our latest Bikini Car Wash Fundraiser where we raised just under R14 000 for our puppies!! 

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