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The End of an Era – Ark’s Goodbye

Ark Animal Centre opened it’s doors 9 years ago. Together with my daughters, Candice, Kristy and Cara, these years have taken us on an adventure we never, ever could have imagined back then. Ark had humble beginnings, we started in our garage and slowly built it into a wonderful centre where we helped rehabilitate and rehome 1000’s of dogs and puppies, built up a sterilisation clinic, charity shop, tuck shop, facilitated too many to count community students doing their service, worked with the most amazing volunteers and fosterers and met fantastic families who adopted our pups and gave them such amazing lives.

Our vets, especially Palm Gardens Vet, Elena, Philippe, Christine and the team, who have been there for us through thick and thin. The Fourways Review team has been there since the beginning. We have had so many wonderful people who have supported us in so many ways from financial assistance, donations, hard work, social media posts, there is so much people have done for us over the years, it is incredible. Without all these people, there is no ways Ark would have been able to have achieved what it did.

During a three year period I was blessed with 3 Son-in-laws and 6 wonderful Grandchildren. Ark was expanding at a rapid rate and our family team was rapidly reducing. I tried to run everything on my own, it has been a rollercoaster ride of extremes and I have decided that 12 years in welfare is my limit, some balance is now needed. With the outbreak of Covid19, our resources have been depleted, I am getting older, my energy is not what it used to be, and it is time to spend time with my Grandkids.

As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision to make, for 9 years I lived and breathed Ark, it felt like I was giving up a part of my soul. With this decision made, I asked myself who would I be happy with if I had no other option but to rehome one of my dogs, and the only welfare I thought of was Woodrock Animal Rescue. I have always admired how Woodrock operates, their dedication to animals and their passion.I approached Nic and Estelle and without hesitation they agreed to take over Ark’s ethos, the last Mom and 4 puppies left at Ark, as well as any dogs who may possibly be returned in years to come, and to support us through this hard decision.

My heart was breaking for all the future pups that were never going to come through our doors, but Woodrock have supported me through this process making it so much easier, knowing that Moms and pups will still have a loving, caring and professional facility to go too. This is a huge undertaking from Woodrock and I plead with all our supporters to please move your support to them. Whatever support you can give them will be much appreciated by us. If our My School supporters could change their beneficiary to Woodrock too, as this is such a great way to bring in much needed funds.

As I stated once before, welfare is like the mafia, once you are in it, you’re in it for life! My heart will always be with welfare and I will support homeless animals forever, but not on the front lines anymore. We will be fully behind Woodrock and will keep the charity shop going in their name. Any donations can be dropped off at our premises, charity goods to still be sold in a new charity shop in the walk park and we will become a drop off point for food and donations. I am delighted we can still assist Woodrock in a small way. Further details will follow. All movable assets of Ark will be offered to Woodrock. Thereafter, other shelters will be invited to take anything of use to them.The adult dogs who have been at Ark for extended periods, I have taken on as my own. I now have 12 new dogs who are delighted to have eventually found their forever home. Through them I will still have a little bit of Ark with me.

It is with much sadness that this chapter in my life has ended. It has been the hardest period in my life, but also the most rewarding. I will forever be grateful for the accelerated personal growth I have encountered through these years, lessons I have learnt, people I have met from all walks of life, life and death, ups and downs, successes and failures, euphoria and exhaustion. My favorite personal saying is “This too shall pass” and Ark Animal Centre’s time has passed. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all. Tracy

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PLEASE NOTE: As of Friday 20th March 2020 Ark Animal Centre will be closed to the public. We have already had a scare and for the health of our staff and our patrons as well as our community students, we cannot risk the spread of this virus. We don’t have any puppies available for adoption at the moment.

We do have some adults who are up for adoption, if anyone is interested in adopting these dogs please sms 0823347596 and we can organise for a meet and greet.

A lot of our staff stay on the property so as long as we all stay healthy the dogs will be well cared for, if we get sick, who will take care of all the dogs and puppies?

Staff not staying on the property have been given paid leave. We are being inundated with calls to take in dogs, we will obviously take in rescues still, but these need to be genuine rescues, we cannot take in dogs because someone doesn’t want them anymore or they are moving into a smaller place, we do not have the capacity to do this while we are short staffed.

We have enough dog pellets to see us through the next few weeks for the dogs we have, but we obviously have to be careful.

We have a sterilisation day on Saturday that will still go ahead as planned, but thereafter will be put on hold until further notice.

We do understand that people are stuck in their houses and a lot of people wish to get out into the open. For this reason, even though the actual shelter will be closed to the public, our walk park will remain open for anyone who wishes to walk in a safe and secure environment. They are welcome to bring their dogs to get exercise, as long as the dogs are on lead while other patrons are in the park. Humans are asked to respect each other and keep their social distance. Disinfectant will be available at the entrance as well as doggy bags to dispose of any doggy poop that may be excreted.

Myrun on Sunday’s have been cancelled until the 15th April, but Discovery clients can continue going for walks in their own capacity, and can use their linked devices to still get their Discovery Vitality Points. The Sunday 8-00am start obviously falls away, so you can walk on any day at any time and still get your points.

Ark staff will still be working. We are going to take this time to do maintenance and get to all the things we never have time to get too. Please everyone, stay safe and virus free, respect our fellow man and all animals and we will get through this.

We are the leading puppy shelter of South Africa. We are a non-profit organisation specialising in puppies, pregnant mom’s and small breed dogs, based less than 10 minutes from Fourways/Dainfern, Johannesburg South Africa.

We are renowned for having a happy, loving and social environment with a great sense of community. Our puppies are also always happy and willing to greet everyone with a wagging tail and sloppy kisses.

Our aim is to change the consciousness in attitude of people towards animals in South Africa through education and awareness and to promote animal welfare & animal rights. Sterilisation is everything!

PBO Number: 930053318

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