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We are the leading puppy shelter of South Africa. We are a non-profit organisation specialising in puppies, pregnant mom’s and small breed dogs, based less than 10 minutes from Fourways/Dainfern, Johannesburg South Africa.

We are a puppy paradise for our animals. Our aim is to change the consciousness in attitude of people towards animals in South Africa through education and awareness and to promote animal welfare & animal rights. PBO Number: 930053318 Click here to read what all is available at the Ark Animal Centre premises


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Fundraiser  Events: bARK once

All of December- Online

Ark animal centre’s 2017 expenses paid campaign   Have you been wondering what all the noise is around the bARK Once campaign? Good because we have put together some information about it just for you We have already had such an overwhelming response from our supporters and it has given us so much hope for 2017. The objective of the campaign is to get lots of little donations going to alleviate the pressure for fundraising during the year. Meaning the fantastic team that works and volunteers at the shelter can focus on the wellbeing of the pups and dogs.
Generally fundraising takes up vital time and resources throughout the year , because funds are required for caring for the puppies and ensuring they have a safe clean space to stay until their forever home is found. We have put together some infographic pictures to put into context why the funds are needed. Once you know this is a cause you can get behind , please follow the link below and donate , but don’t stop there , share with your friends , tag them and inspire them to be a part of the change. Again don’t stop there ! Come visit the shelter and see how your donation made a difference in the lives of these puppies . https://www.backabuddy.co.za/december-for-the-dogs
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 If you would like to be a part of this cause , please donate here

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What we do

This incredible 4 minute video will give you an inside understanding of who and what the Ark Animal Centre is, and how you can get involved and help make a difference :)

Big thank you to the following people who made this video possible: Eilidh Goosen Rick Joaquim of Duck Rabbit Studios, Andrew John Lonie Kasmario Fankis C.A. Van Aswegen of FiX Post Production, Adam Lomas & Brian Mullany of Fireball Productions

Puppies for adoption

Please visit our Puppies for Adoption Album on Facebook to view our gallery of gorgeous puppies looking for their forever home. To check out some of the pups we have already found homes for, visit our Happily Ever After page. If you would be interested in assisting Ark Animal Centre, take a look at the Get Involved page to see how you can help us out.  


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